Program Overview

The PLAY Accelerator is a unique startup commercialisation program developed and delivered by the Gold Coast Innovation Hub (GC Hub) to engage participants directly with the industries that they are developing solutions for and equip them with funding, services, skills and practical application of their technologies through funded trials in order to achieve commercialisation outcomes and further investment.  The program is delivered in 3 parts:


A 6 week business development and mentoring program to introduce participants to industry connections and investors.


A pitch event and evaluation process to determine which participants are investment ready.


Successful participants will be invited to participate in an additional 6 week investment program to raise capital.

Week 1


We kick off the program with a deep dive into your business.

We’ll be looking at your business model, your current corporate structure and cap table.

Face to Face mentoring with legal, financial and business experts.

Week 3


Week 3 is all about customers. We will be looking at your current clientelle, your competitors and measuring growth.

This week’s face to face session will be with sporting clubs, venues and service providers that may be interested in your products so have your pitch ready to go!

Week 5


Week 5 is our financial deep dive where we cover everything from metrics and reporting to cashflow and forecasting.  

This is a big week for mentoring with 42 Ventures in the club and our US tech investors zooming in to share what they look for in an investment.



Week 2


Week 2 is all about your product and building great development teams.

Face to Face mentoring with experienced CTO’s, specialists in systems architecture to handle rapid growth and experts in building productive teams.

Week 4


Week 4 is all about marketing and branding. 

We will have workshops with the legends from Yakk Digital where they will share all their secrets around attracting and converting leads.

Face to Face mentoring sessions with sporting bosses who will share how to capture their attention!

Week 6


The final week of the Let’s PLAY Accelerator is all about money.  

Learn the tips and tricks for closing the deal with customers.  Understand how to create compelling presentations and the subtle messages that you can pick up from body language to steer a meeting toward success.

The final face to face mentoring is all about the pitch – for customers and investment.